Jonathan Knapp

Enemy of all things proprietary


There is no freedom more basic nor essential to computing than to know what you're doing with your computer. By extension, when someone gives you a program you should be able to know what it does before running it.

Likewise, any physical product you buy comes with the implicit assumption that you can do anything (legal) you want with that it. Why would software be any different? A car manufactuer can't add terms to the sale prohibiting installation of a third-party bike-rack. Why should I not be allowed to modify the software I purchase in a similar fasion?

I find nothing wrong with trying to sell software, but I think that bundling it with restrictions to these fundamental freedoms is unconscionable


There are a bunch of freedom-preserving alternateives out there! I like to use to search for them. If I can't find something I like, I'll make one and put it on gitlab =]
Here are some examples:


Webapp to turn any slideshow file into an imgur gallery, then share a link with your friends to present it live. Try it out! built using RTChat


Build your own little door-unlocking website using a rasberry-pi. Invite as many people as you want, control access, and log entry all while preserveing your freedom! Checkout the demo!


Friends don't let friends use proprietary bullshit